From the 15th of June access to the tennis courts will return to the traditional process. All players MUST be paid up members of the Club and not displaying any symptoms of illness. We cannot accept guests or visitors at this time.


1. Courts cannot be booked in advance.

2. At least two players MUST be present to put names on the board and begin a game.

3. One name is written up on the board against the court you are going to use together with the start and finish times-singles can book for 1.0 hours, doubles for 1.5 hours.

4. When you are finished you must leave the court and the Club as quickly as possible stopping only to erase your name and times from the booking board. Under no circumstances erase anyone else’s name.

5. If, when you arrive, a court is not available you must not wait on club grounds but return when a court is going to be free-this is why the display of  start and finish times MUST be written in the board.

6. Players should wherever possible play only once in a 24 hour period for now to give as many members as possible the opportunity to play as well. It is not permitted for a game to be extended by another player entering their initials and new start and finish times. However, if no one else is waiting for the court you may continue to play until it is booked by another player.

7. All courts are now in play with court 7 being reserved on weekdays between 9-11.30am for coaching and between 2-3pm also on Tuesday and Thursday. Outside of these times Juniors can play on court 7 but if free all members can play on this court. Court 6 can be booked for 30 minute intervals for hitting against the wall but again it is available for general play if not in use.

8. Juniors up to the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult but anyone from their household aged 17 and upwards can supervise if an adult cannot be present.

9. The tennis committee will continue to assess how soon the full tennis programme can be put back in place and advise members.


All other requirements for the use of wipes, sanitisers and ,social distancing remain in place. The clubhouse remains closed for all but medical emergencies (access to the defibrillator and first-aid kit) and urgent access to the bathrooms in the lobby. Paid up tennis members can access the foyer by their fobs for these purposes. All other doors remain closed.