Table Tennis

The Thursday evening sessions start at 7pm and all members and guests are welcome to attend to see if it may be suitable. We tend not to worry too much about formal rules and regulations and stick to the old 21 points scoring system. We are all still very competitive and none of us likes losing!


We usually have sufficient numbers to play mixed doubles and both ladies and men’s double’s depending on who and how many attend.  We have two tables, although we tend to use just one unless we have so many players that the games would not come around quickly enough.  


One of the older tables has been replaced and the curtain at the northern end of the room ensure games are not interrupted. 

We have a few players that have previously played at club and league standard, but have since retired. Nowadays we simply enjoy a good game and a bit of a chin wag.


If you would like a trial session on Thursday evening, please feel free just to turn up at 7pm.  You will be made welcome.