Membership Forms

Dear Member,


Please find attached the membership renewal form for 2020/2021.This year you have the option of paying by cheque or bank transfer. Whichever method you choose the completed form needs to be returned to me. It can be mailed to the club address, posted through the club mail box which is located on the left hand side of the wall facing you as you enter the car park, or scanned / photo’d and sent to me by email to this address:


Currently we can only play tennis, so the other boxes are blank at this time.


Please retain this form if you wish to re-join later, when the restrictions are lifted, and complete and return it as outlined in the first paragraph. Enter on the form and pay the pro-rata rate for the month you join as shown on the schedule supplied with the renewal form.


Fobs of paid up members will be reactivated when the Clubhouse is opened.


Thank you everyone


John Richards – Membership Secretary.