Tennis meeting highlights – 8th May 2017

Tennis meeting highlights – 8th May 2017 

Present: Neil Flanagan – Chairman Geoff Burch, Alan Gordon, Bev Cabot, Maxine Coakes, Linda Lyons, Russell May 

Digital signage - A mini-computer has been purchased with a view to providing digital signage for the Club on a flat screen TV.

Team training event - A highly successful evening with 28 people participating – format of tie breaks went well.

Club website - This has now gone live at 

Additional club facilities - A questionnaire will be produced and members will be asked to provide feedback on facilities and functions of the Club. 

LTA Grant for over 35 adults back into tennis initiative - The Tennis Committee has submitted a grant application and has been awarded £300.00 to support the over 35 adults back into tennis initiative. The £300.00 will be used to purchase touchtennis kits. 

Club Laptop - A Dell computer has been purchased with Office software. The laptop will reside in the coach’s office for their use for day to day admin etc. and will be used for Club and Open tournaments.


Coaching - A good positive start to the new term. Russell reported good numbers across the board with the various group sessions. All individual coaching timeslots are fully booked.

Juniors - Geoff reported all going fine – all stars on June 11th which Geoff is running. Junior closed tournament to take place this month. Geoff is focusing on the LTA Junior Open. Dates changed this year to 21-25 August which should be better as no clashes with other tournaments.

Fixtures - Summer season underway – 16 teams for the summer. 10 Dorset League matches played to date 5 lost 5 won which is the usual percentage. All squads going well – no problems arisen so far with availability of team members. 

Teams - Squads going well – no problems with availability of players so far.

Tuesday morning - Maxine reported numbers of 18 last week with 20 players being the average number. 

Social Tennis - Bev reported that all going well and that the standard is particularly good at the moment. 


Progression of coaching position - The position is still vacant. We have interviewed a number of applicants and we are still advertising to fill the position.

Initial Report on Seniors Tournament - A thoroughly successful week – helped this year with being blessed with good weather. Alan reported that there were 118 players – 41 of them from Milford club, 212 matches held with a profit of £2000.00 made for the Club. It was commented how many lovely comments about the club facilities and grounds were received from visiting players which is such a good advert for the club. The tennis committee wanted to thank all those who helped make it such a success. 

Touchtennis event - Russell explained the rudiments on touch tennis – great for all ages – soft balls used and shorter racquets – making rallies longer and easier. This format is to form the basis for a social event on the middle weekend of Wimbledon to encourage over 35 plus year olds back into tennis or new participants to tennis.

Great British tennis weekend - This runs within the coaching sessions on 22 July in the morning as an open invitation for people to try out tennis. Russell will ask his tennis leaders to help out with this. 

Club championships - This year is the club’s 90th year. Application forms will be available from Monday 15 May with the closing date set for June 23rd.