Tennis meeting highlights – October 2018

Tennis Report 16.04.19

Based on minutes of the tennis committee 10.04.19


  1. Actions arising from the last meeting on 27.11.18
  • 6 new juniors from Lymington have attended junior coaching. Rob has given out membership applications
  • 2 new coaching assistants have been recruited to the coaching team. RN, RC and AG were involved in the selection process. Sally Revell and Kris Koziol are the new coaching assistants.
  • Safeguarding qualifications review is required with the new junior committee and for the junior tournament NF
  • Sand has been applied to courts 1-3 after SSP report identified that the pile needed additional support with more sand. Thanks to Alan Gordon and his working party for applying the sand.


  1. Section Reports
  • Coaching
  • Numbers and activities included in Rob’s coaching report.
  • Junior tennis holiday camp numbers very positive. (16 this week but RN needs to revamp the booking form because a number of parents are turning up without pre-booking which then can cause issues with child/coach ratio numbers. RN
  • Coaching assistant – Sally Revell will coach on the girl specific programs, She Rallies, Miss Hits and Kris will coach on the junior programs. Kris also strings.
  • Additional information provided for the committee by Rob on new retail contracts with K-Swiss and Dunlop.
  • Juniors Fixtures for the summer have been released with a home fixture on May 11th. Court timings will be 12pm-2pm and parent captains were discussed. A request was made to subsidize transport costs when matches were on the IOW. A request of 50% to support ferry costs (car crossing is around £60 depending on car size) NF to raise at next management committee. A decision was made that junior match fees will be £1.50 per match per player. NF
  • Fixtures – All winter fixtures had been completed successfully. Summer fixtures have started. Again, a huge thanks to Mick Long for organizing and scheduling the club’s summer fixtures.
  • Teams - Team training numbers. 24 attended the last team training session which culminated in a social, celebrating the end of the successful winter season.
  • All teams have completed their winter fixtures. Summer leagues have started
  • Tuesday morning ladies
  • Good numbers attending ladies morning. The ladies will be having their summer lunch on 30thof July from 12-1 at the clubhouse.
  • Social tennis the social tennis board rules require updating and modifying to reflect that mixed tennis should be the norm when choosing the next members to go on court. This could be 2 females 2 males or 3 females 1 male or 3 males and 1 female. NF and BC to meet to update the rules. NF





  1. Specific agenda items requested
  • Club tournament – Rob is putting forward a proposal and timings for the Club tournament this year. RN Based on entry numbers we will look to run as many knockout draws as possible but if numbers do not warrant a knockout draw then a round robin will be offered to the entrants. RN
  • New date for drawn partners event will be 12thof May which RN will organise. RN
  • Decision re club balls The David Cup ball will be used by the club for the summer season. NF to order with RN
  • Schedule of courts used for coaching and publicity for this It was agreed that Rob will circulate his request for coach usage when he has junior tennis that requires 2/3 courts. The tennis committee will look at Rob’s requests to facilitate coaching and the playing of social tennis and matches by club members during the summer season. Tuesday evening may be an issue with some matches now scheduled on Tuesdays. RN
  • Cover for coaching sessions. With the appointment of 2 coaching assistants this cover is now in place.RN
  • Match arrangements for junior matches. Discussed as part of the Junior agenda item
  • Club clothing – The committee agreed that Rob and Dee Flanagan should meet to look at the options for club clothing. Luther Stone has offered the club clothing sponsorship. RN and DF to report back.
  • Club branding on Rob’s club publicity. It has been agreed that the club logo will be the header of any club related publicity and Rob ‘s logo will be the footer. BC to send a high-quality club logo to RN.
  • Engraved winners’ trophies. These have been completed. NF to send out email for winners to collect trophies form RN office. New Forest signs have completed the lettering for the honours board. NF to arrange time for names and lettering to be added to the existing honour boards. NF


  • General AOB and date of the next meeting
  • Junior trophiesNF to ask Stuart Atkins if he would be prepared to sponsor new club trophies for the juniors. NF
  • JW identified that there are currently over 100 entries for the senior’s tournament.
  • Chris Cabot has requested if new nets are required for the senior’s tournament. RN to check court 6 and liaise with CC.
  • BC identified that the power sweeper would require a service this summer
  • RN requested NF look at Clubspark with him because RM is still identified as an administrator. NF to check and feedback to RN on Monday 15thof April. NF


Date of next meeting – 11.06.19 at 7.30 pm